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Welcome to Rackcare

Rackcare is an independent specialist in Racking Performance and Risk Management. Our independent and objective approach enables us to offer advice on all aspects of Racking performance and risks, from appraisal of financial and operational costs, to full compliance of statutory and corporate standards.

From our experience and knowledge, we recognise that racking is similar to any other substantial capital asset in that it carries all the capital performance requirements including evaluation of life and residual value costs. Additionally, there are both installation and potentially dismantling and/or relocation costs. 

Our principle goal is to provide our clients with easily understood and readily available information regarding their racking performance and risk. This information is delivered through our online racking management process. We then further support this Online Management System with a market leading range of professional services in Racking Inspection Training / Maintenance TrainingRacking Audits & Inspections.

With a proven track record of improving our clients racking performance with many of the UK’s largest warehouse operators, we ensure reduced costs, improved space availability, and the highest levels of compliance.

Added to this, we provide performance related tools to our clients that are designed to provide both immediate and continuous performance improvements through a genuine partnership approach.







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