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Rackcare Inspections

Rackcare is able to offer full independent Racking inspections as required by HSG 76 and the SEMA code of practice. Rackcare’s own team of highly experienced Racking Inspectors undertake standard inspections and provide a comprehensive report which contains full details of all defects and the recommended remedial action required.

The Audit - Inspectorplus™

This process is specifically designed to combine both the required ‘technically competent’ inspection with an audit of the site’s record keeping and management process. Our Clients benefit from a reconciliation of their existing practices and detailed reports on their process, records and any non-compliances.

Unlike conventional Inspections the Audit provides an independent appraisal of the sites own inspectors performance and compliance to both corporate and statutory requirements. In a similar way to Annual Financial Audits, the Inspectorplus process provides reassurance that any compliance failures are being identified and encourages continuous performance improvement.

Rackcare Inspections are compliant with by FEM and SEMA codes of Practice, and are undertaken by our professionally qualified team of SARI Inspectors (SEMA Approved Racking Inspectors).


The RackCare system is fully supported with the following:

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