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Racking Inspection and Risk Management

A half day course with both classroom theory and practical work that will give the delegates the ability to inspect the racking in compliance with the current Health and Safety Guidelines.

This course is suitable for warehouses of all sizes and includes;
dot   The Current Legislation in respect of warehouse racking
dot   How to correctly inspect racking in compliance with current Health and Safety Legislation  (in the UK HSG 76)
dot   How to identify and measure any damage or defect as defined by BS EN 15635 (and in the UK SEMA design codes)
dot   Action to be taken after the racking is identified as being damaged or defective
dot   What load notices mean and what they should show
dot   Identification of racking risks and awareness of methods available to manage and minimise that risk

No qualifications or prior experience are required for the course. The course is complete with extensive notes and a racking tolerance measuring tool for each delegate. Certificates of Attendance are issued after the completion of the course examination.








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